About Us

Pawsitive Squad CIC is a not for profit company based in Nottinghamshire which was founded in July 2018. 

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The founder

Pawsitive Squad CIC was founded by Heather Pyne in July 2018. Heather grew up in Belgium, she developed a passion for animals at a young age. In her free time Heather could be found running around the stables where she assisted with running the holiday camps for children and taught a young boy with autism how to ride. After returning to England, Heather went to Nottingham Trent University but her disabilities made study very difficult. By the second year Heather was regularly in and out of hospital for operations and ICU admissions. At this point she realised that she would struggle to do the sort of jobs her degree she would be able to do. Heathers friends and family regularly commented on how well Heather handled her dog Beau and suggested she become a dog trainer and so in 2015 Heather became a dog trainer, while still attending university. Shortly after becoming a dog trainer Heather had two children in 2016, the second child of which was born at 24weeks weighing around 500g. Her daughter was born with complex needs. Having a daughter with complex needs inspired Heather to use her skills and knowledge with dogs to support young people with any disability so she founded Pawsitive Squad to provide that. 

Community Interest Company?

Pawsitive Squad CIC is a type of not for profit company called a community interest company. This means that while we are still a company limited by shares but there is a not for profit clause and asset lock written into the documents which legally govourn us. What this means in real terms is that we run our group classes often at cost and put 'profits' (formally called surplus) from other services towards our services which support young people with disabilities. For our customers under 25 with disabilities or recovering from trauma this means they can access services at a low cost and without long waiting lists. 

While when working at capacity we should be able to cover our running costs, we are still a new company which means we still need donations and crowdfunding to support the provision of our services. If you are therefore able to support us we would be very grateful.