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Heather Pyne

Director & Trainer


Events Team Manager


OT advisor


Safeguarding Officer


Volunteer Supervisor


Community Engagement Officer


Research Team Lead


Arts & Activities Advisor

Meet the team

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About Us

Hi, I'm Heather Pyne, Mother to two awesome children with additional needs, Open University student, Bliss Community Ambassador, Time to Change champion and now the founder & director of Pawsitive Squad CIC. Pawsitive Squad as a concept has been sitting in the back of my mind for many years. It was my pipe dream, the 'if i win the lottery' type dream that i never thought i would have the skill or motivation to make into a reality. But then between October 2016 and March 2018 a string of life events including the arrival of my daughter with complex disabilities and the suicide of a loved one made me re-evaluate what i wanted to achieve with my life. I had this idea that could really help young people so why wasn't I doing it? Within just 4 months my concept suddenly came to life. I decided to call us 'pawsitive squad' (slightly inspired by Paw Patrol) because i wanted the children within our organisation to feel like they were part of this awesome team. I didnt want children saying 'i attend this club' i wanted children to call themselves 'members of the pawsitive squad' and to really feel like they belonged and were accepted with us. By July 2019, I was finally ready to launch Pawsitive Squad with my trusted assistance dog, Pepsi, at my side.


It's been a year since I first founded and a huge amount has changed. Most importantly 'I' has now become 'we'. We are now a wonderful team of 8. Each member of our team has amazing insight into young people with additional needs with over 3/4's of our team member's being parents of children with additional needs. This is in part what makes our team so special. We are invested because we are part of the community we are trying to support. We are also now a community interest company which is a type of not for profit organisation and we are now able to offer four main canine assisted services to young people under 25's with additional needs as well as regular canine behaviour modification workshops open to all and help to fund our services for young people. We can't wait to continue to grow and expand over the next few years to help even more young people with additional needs. 

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Pastoral Support Officer



Pawsitive Squad Mascot

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