We are regularly assessing and making breed recommendations to our new customers as they start their journey to find and train their assistance dog with us and we are always looking for amazing breeders to join our recommended breeder list. We will direct, where at all possible, our customers towards 'Pawsitive Squad approved breeders' to select their puppy and you will be offered a approved breeder virtual badge (and can order a window sticker if you wish for the cost of production & postage). This shows other people that you are a trusted, welfare friendly breeder with a strong socialisation program (which we will provide you with) which will ensure the puppy's you breed have the very best chance at becoming confident, healthy and all round wonderful pups. We don't care about KC registration or whether you're breeding pedigree or cross breed dogs, we welcome all who meet our standard. It's completly free to become an approved breeder BUT you must meet our strict criteria which are:

  •  The puppies must be bred and reared in the breeders home and not kept in kennels or outhouse accomedation during puppyhood. The puppies must have a suffient sized space within the house which is kept clean.
  • Puppies must be viewable with their mother.
  • Mum, dad & their puppies must all have a vet certificate/report stating they're all healthy.
  • Mum and dad must have no significant behavioral or personality issues.
  • Offer puppy viewing & collection from home only
  • Puppies must not be leave their mother before 8 weeks
  • Puppies must be microchipped (legal requirement) and have had first vaccinations and provide genuine paperwork/certificates to prove it.
  • Must show their local authority lisence (if applicable).
  • Breeders must be willing to use the puppy contract & complete a puppy information pack for all puppies sold which includes copies of all health checks of puppy & parents, vaccine records, microchip registration.
  • Puppies must be sent with at least 1 weeks supply of feed. 
  • Breeder must commit to (and evidence) all puppies are put through the Pawsitive Squad puppy socialisation & enrichment program (this is specially designed for puppies under 8 weeks as this is such a critical time). 

If you would like to apply to become a Pawisitive Squad approved breeder please complete the application form by clicking here to download the application form. 



Approved Breeders & Rescue centres 

Pawsitive Squad is known for being a canine welfare centred organisation and that doesn't just stop with our training. We care about where dogs come from and like to contribute to decreasing the amount of dogs in rescue centres and giving dogs an second chance in life. Our 'approved rescue centre' system is very different to our breeder program. For our approved rescue centres, instead of sending customers to you to allow them to choose a dog we instead conduct a customer assessment on the family which explores all aspects of their home, family life, experience, difficulties etc to create a profile.The anonymised profile is then sent to our approved rescue centres in their area to see if they have any dogs which maybe suitable for the specific family. Our approved rescue centre dog matching scheme is used for both assistance dogs to train for public access and dogs for families which only need support at home. 

  •  Not be 'quick kill' centres with a minimum admission of 18 weeks before euthenasia considered. 
  • Temprament test all dogs
  • Have a canine enrichment program for all dogs
  • Kennels must be indoor (or indoor with outdoor run space attached) and kept clean and warm. 
  • Have clear (and followed) policies relating to canine welfare.
  • Have exercise time and play time for every dog atleast 5 days a week.

Please note we would not match a rescue dog in a household with children under 12 years old. Every family recommended to a pairing with a rescue dog will go through thorough assessment to ensure the family are suitable for partnering with a resuce dogs. We know that ofcourse not all rescue dogs are suitable to be assistance dogs some of the best working assistance dogs in the country are rescue dogs and we are passionate about trying to give those rescue dogs who are suitable a chance at a new life, supporting a disabled young person in a loving home. 


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