Assistance dog Assessments

All Pawsitive Squad assistance dogs have to work through 4 assessments level foundation to gold which assess your dog’s temperament, obedience, behaviour and assistance tasks. We also assess your dog’s confidence, resilience & desire/willingness to work using our canine anxiety score (CAS) system.

If you do these assessments through the virtual assessment route you will be required to do an additional public access assessment at foundation level which lasts around 5 hours to be eligible for a Pawsitive Squad lead sleeve & jacket for training on top of the gold level you are required to do a minimum of 15 hours public access assessment to be certified by us. If you are going through the face to face assessment route no additional assessments are required as we will be assessing public access within all the assessments. These assessments take place in Nottingham. For further information on the two assessment routes including a full list of each assessment content please select the relevant link below. 


Our standard assessment route enables partnerships be assessed face to face either during seperate assessment sessions or continuously throughout regular classes. For the standard assessment route all aspects of assistance dog work are assessed for each level. For more information click here.

Standard Assessment Route (face to face)

Virtual Assistance Dog Assessments

Our virtual assesment route involves 6 assessments - 4 virtual and 2 face to face. For the virtual assessments the participant must gather all the relevant information & evidence themselves and then send this to Pawsitive Squad in one go. For this route you either recieve a pass, marginal fail or fail. For more information click here.


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