All dogs attending weekly classes are able to work through 4 levels from foundation to gold. For those aiming for public access these are assistance dog awards and for dogs which are aiming to be trained for home support recieve supportive dog awards. Dogs aiming for assistance dog awards need to meet specific socialisation, public and tasks criteria whereas supportive dog levels are only assessed based on the tasks they are able to do. Dogs attending must be vaccinated and be flea and wormed regularly in line with veterinary recommendations. We do not allow any dogs to attend our group classes who are raw fed due to the health potential health implications for our customers.


Any dogs wishing to formally train their assistance dog with us are required to sign a contract and meet and maintain strict criteria to ensure all assistance dogs training and working under Pawsitive Squad are doing so at a high standard. Requirements include:

  • Obtaining veterinary and public liability insurance which covers assistance dogs for public access work. 

  • Only obtaining assistance tasks or public access training from Pawsitive Squad CIC.

  • Completing weekly training records to be sent to Pawsitive Squad atleast monthly.

  • Keeping accurate alert records if your dog is training for alert work. 

  • Report any issues which arise in relation to your dogs temprament, behaviour, training or any incidence of injury/illness. 

We only will register dogs which attend our Nottingham based assistance dog courses however if you'd be interested in support to train your dog as an owner trained assistance dog, we can support your training through our Paws in Tents camps. 

Assistance Dog requirements