Here at Pawsitive Squad we want to help young people, whatever their disability, train their dogs to become assistance dogs to help improve the young persons life.  Training the young persons own dog to become an assistance dog can be life changing. Through assistance dogs young people can gain independance, confidence, become more safe in public. Assistance dogs truely do open the doors to a new outlook and new opportunities.


We have three intakes into our assistance dog training program a year: April, September and January. You must book before the 1st of April to join our April intake, any applications recieved after this date will be postponed to the September intake.


To ensure we can best support all our young peoples needs we create the classes around the customers who have signed up at that in take. If you are a Nottingham City based customer you will either be able to recieve training on a Wednesday or Thursday. If you are a Nottinghamshire County based customer you will recieve training on a Saturday. If you are out of Nottinghamshire you can choose which training location is best for you. On the booking form we ask your avalibility so we can try to create classes at a time which suits you. 


The assistance dog training runs in 6 week blocks. Training costs £56 per block. There are short breaks (2/3 weeks off) between training blocks to give you time to practice and to allow you to book 1-2-1 training if needed to boost your training. 


We can train your dog to do a whole host of tasks to support the young person, including:

  •  Physical assistance tasks such as opening doors, emptying the washing machine, passing up dropped items etc.
  •  Emotion, mental health tasks such as deep pressure therapy, interupting destructive behaviours etc
  •  Autism & LD assistance tasks such as stopping stepping into roads when cars are coming, dual handling, finding exits, finding the lost child, basic guiding etc.
  •  Hearing tasks such as alerting to doorbell, fire alarm etc
  •  Medical alert* and response training.

Our training program will guide you through everything your dog needs to become an assistance dog including task training, public access training, obedience training and canine communication training.


While we do work with any disability, at Pawsitive Squad we do believe that our young people wanting to owner train their own assistance dog should be actively involved in their dogs training, therefore we expect the young person to attend atleast 85% of assistance dog training. We also only allow vaccinated children (partially vaccinated is considered on a case by case basis) for the safety of our young people and staff, many of whom have immune deficiencies and are therefore particularly vulnerable to many vaccine preventable diseases. Ofcourse, if your child hasn't been vaccinated for medical reasons your child is still very welcome to join us. 


Training your dog to become an assistance dog is absolutely life changing. Your assistance dog can open doors to new opportunities, independance and a much improved quality of life, but its important to understand that it takes a lot of effort to get to that stage. If you're unsure if training your dog to be an assistance dog is right for you then please contact us at and we can support you to make the right decision for your family. It's also important to be aware that not all dogs are capable of becoming assistance dogs. We have a high standard set that your dog would need to meet to be certified with us. To see a list of the assessment criteria please click here. 


In order to train with us you will need to sign our training agreement which can be found in the drop down menu or by clicking here. 

Assistance Dog Training Program