Assistance dog Training

We offer assistance dog training both online via Zoom (a conference meeting app) and face to face. It is up to assistance dog teams which classes they engage with dependant on your needs and requirement. We sometimes offer short courses on top of our weekly classes. For details of these please keep an eye on our Facebook. 

For partnerships registered in our assistance dog program we offer a variety of virtual training courses. These are:

  • Assistance dog working skills classes every Thursday & Friday at 2.30pm 

  • Physical assistance dog task classes every other Monday at 2.30pm

  • Medical Alert & Response the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm.

We have ran a lot of autism training sessions in April and therefore will not be running any in May however in June we will restart fortnightly autism & emotional support classes.

You can join any of the above courses at any time subject to space within the class. If you wish to join and the class is currently full we will add you to the waiting list. If our waiting list has enough people to form an additional class we will always try to do so. The virtual weekly classes each cost £6.50 per week, payable a month in advanced. We will send you an invoice which will tell you the date the class must be paid by. If you miss a payment you have 24 hours grace after which you will automatically be added to the end of the waiting list. 

  • Face to face & virtual training avalible (face to face on hold currently due to COVID-19.)
  • Virtual classes via zoom. 
  • Up to the assistance dog handler & family which classes you join. 
  • Mix of regular classes and ad hoc sessions avalible.
  • Working skill classes teach obedience, handler skills, socialisation etc the other classes are task focused.
  • If your dog needs behaviour modification for problems such as excessive barking this must be declared and worked through with a canine behaviourist.
  • 1-2-1 sessions avalible for individually tailored sessions.
  •  Virtual classes cost £6.50 per class, face to face are £7.50 payable monthly in advance
  • To join any classes click here. 


We also offer weekly face to face training sessions. These are:

  • Thursdays at 6.30pm at Dunkirk & Lenton Community Centre
  •  Autism & Emotional support classes Saturdays at 10.30am at Southwell Scout Hut
  •  Physical assistance classes Saturday at 11.30am at Southwell Scout Hut.

We only accept new intake onto our face to face classes in January, April & September to allow us to tailor the training specifically to the young people attending the classes. Face to face classes cost £7.50 per class payable a month in advanced via invoice.


The face to face training is highly recommended especially for new or anxious dog owners. Virtual training requires you to impliment what you were taught including escelating the tasks and practicing at home under limited guidance. Face to face training offers targetted fun and intensive training which makes training really enjoyable for the young people and dogs and results in dogs mastering the training quicker. 


To apply to join any of our training classes please click here to complete the booking form.