Assistance dog Training

Our assistance dog training classes are available to under 25's with additional needs and their families who are registered on our assistance dog program. 


What classes are available?

For virtual classes we offer classes which cover all skills your dog will need to become an assistance dog including:

  • puppy classes
  • autism and emotional assistance classes
  • physical assistance classes
  • medical alert and medical response
  • working skills (public access, obedience & handling)


Our face to face classes are split into physical assistance classes and autism & emotional support classes and combine the task specific training with obedience and public access skills.


How often are classes?

Our online working skills and puppy classes run weekly and the disability specific classes run fortnightly. Our face to face classes run fortnightly.


How are classes structured?

Classes are 45 minutes long and contain 3 to 5 exercises. We start each session with a quick catch up and ask you to find the equipment you need for the session. For each exercise we give a verbal explanation of how to do the full exercise and why we train that behaviour. We often (but not always) then demonstrate with one of our demo dogs how to do the behaviour. We then ask you to have a go and reiterate how to do the exercise. Customers can ask questions at this point and the trainer will monitor the screens and provide feedback and advice. At the end of class there is an opportunity to ask any questions. 


How do virtual classes work?

The virtual training classes are held on zoom which is a video calling site. When you join our assistance dog program you will be sent the link for all zoom classes. You choose which classes you want to attend and book on and pay through our 'bookwhen' page. At your class time you simply click the link to join the class. Each class has a maximum of 8 families. You have the option to 'pin' the trainer's video so that it is the only screen you can see. We have closed captions (subtitles) available if you require. If you struggle with the sound of other customers talking, we recommend muting your computer/phone and just reading the subtitles for instructions. 


How much does training cost?

Our virtual online classes cost £7.50 per class and face to face classes cost £8.50 per class. Classes are payable via debit/credit card or PayPal on the booking page. If your training is funded through a third party please contact us to arrange an invoice. 







  • Face to face & virtual training avalible (face to face on hold currently due to COVID-19.)

  • Virtual classes via zoom. 

  • Up to the assistance dog handler & family which classes you join. 

  • Working skills and puppy classes are weekly.

  • Disability specific task session are fortnightly.

  • Classes cost £7.50 per class for online classes.

  • Classes cost £8.50 per class for face to face classes.

  • Classes are booked monthly.