Covid-19 & other infectious diseases policy

As an organisation working with vulnerable people, many of whom are medically fragile we have created a seperate policy, to be read alongside our health & safety policy to help govern how we minimise the spread of infectious disease including Covid-19, Influenza, gastroenteritis  and any other viral or bacterial infection with the potential to be passed between customers.


Preperation for face to face services

  • All equipment used during sessions will either be in a new condition or be thoroughly cleaned using appropriate materials for the object & clients.  
  • Any items within the location which are likely to be touched by service users will be cleaned.
  • Toilet checks will be made to ensure their is appropriate cleaning and hygine equipment availble to clients. 
  • Locations used will, where possible, have a seperate entrance and exit. 


Start of service

  • All clients and staff to wash their hands or use the hand sanitiser upon arrival of the session.
  • All clients to sign the health disclosure confirming they've not had any new symptoms which could indiciate a contagious illness.
  • All individuals accessing the service to have a temperature check with a non contact thermometer.
  • Clients who are able to wear a facial covering.



  • As has been our policy since 2019, all clients who medically able, must be vaccinated to access our face to face sessions.
  • This includes the annual flu vaccine for anyone who is eligable and medically fit to have the vaccine for free as part of the NHS vaccine scheme. The flu vaccine is optional for individals not eligable under the scheme.
  • We will review if and when a COVID19 vaccine will be mandatory if & when one is released and after the data proves the vaccine is effective and relatively safe.