Dog Safety & Disability Awareness Sessions 

Our dog safety sessions are one of our most important services. With nearly 2,000 children hospitalised each year in the UK from dog attacks failing to teach young people to interact properly with dogs really could be the difference between life and death. That is why our dog safety sessions are important. But don't worry just because the reason is serious doesn't mean the sessions are, infact is the complete opposite. Our dog safety sessions are fun, practical sessions filled with games and activities suitable for all ages that will help young people know how to behave around dogs and recognise what their dog is feeling. We also teach adults during the session how to manage dogs and children together. 


We run 4 dog safety sessions at Pawsitive Squad a year but are also able to provide sessions at any youth organisation. Dog Safety Sessions at Pawsitive Squad cost £2 per child and for dog safety sessions in organisations we would appreciate a small donation to help cover running costs.


Alongside our dog safety sessions we can also provide disability awareness sessions within youth organisations such as schools and youth clubs. These sessions are fun and interactive.In these sessions we teach children about a variety of disabilities and about assistance and therapy dogs. 


To join our next dog safety session or request a dog safety session within your organisation please contact us here.