Edwards's Story

Meet Edward. Edward has complex disabilities which impact especially on his communication and mobility. Edward joined our canine assisted activities classes in October 2018. Since joining classes, he has come on leaps and bounds in class.

Edward primarily attends class in order to interact with dogs and other children and to build his confidence trying to talk and sign. To encourage Edwards communication, we use both PECS cards and Makaton alongside speaking. Edward is getting very confident calling the dogs to him using his big voice which is wonderful to see. Edwards favourite games are the traffic lights game and what’s the time Mr Wolf. He really enjoys getting to give us all instructions and be very cheeky getting everyone doing lots of running around then asking us all to turn around so everyone gets dizzy! These games are great for supporting Edwards communication so it’s very lucky they happen to be games he really enjoys. Edward is also a real sensory seeker and thoroughly enjoys all games using our sensory toys, tin foil and the parachutes.

Edward recently gained his red rainbow award (the personal target awards we set in canine assisted activities classes). To gain his award Edward had to only hold his lead for 3 classes which Edward found very difficult as he really likes to hold the therapy dog handlers lead as well. He also had two more goals which focused on listening to instructions. Edward tried really hard and managed to achieve his goals for the red award.

Edward is a wonderful addition to our class and we really look forward to continue working with him after the summer break.

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