Eligibility & Application 

Due to the nature of the therapy dog work we do our therapy dogs are more strictly assessed and require more time training than many other therapy dog organisations. This is due to the structured nature and intensity of the service we provide.

Your dog can join Pawsitive Squad CIC as a therapy dog in training if:

  • They are fully vaccinated (we do not accept homeopathic equivalent) before training around other dogs or people.

  • They are flea treated and wormed using a product and at a schedule recommended by their veterinarian

  • They are not training or working under any other organisation & agree not to do so within 6 months if they choose to leave Pawsitive Squad

  • They will be at least 6 months old at the start of training

  • They are not fed raw meat or unpasteurised milk products

  • The owner commits to 6 monthly vet checks

  • The owner commits to doing weekly head to toe health checks on their dogs

  • Their owner or the organisation commit to providing therapy dog liability insurance for their dog.

  • The owner and any other handlers agree to only use positive techniques and methods with their dog and does not use any aversive training equipment.

  • Their dog has never injured or shown aggression another person or dog Their dog is groomed on a regular basis including teeth brushing

  • The organisation they will be working with supports, as part of their provision, children or young people with additional needs or recovering from trauma (not all the organisations clients are required to have additional needs or be under 25).


You can apply to become a therapy dog in training before your organisation is fully on board. It is not uncommon for organisations to be cautious about bringing a therapy dog in. That is why we are happy to provide all the training & assessments first to enable to organisation to make a fully informed decision after a period of training & assessment. If you meet the criteria then we would love to welcome you into our therapy dog program. Please complete the application form below and email it to: enquiries@pawsitivesquad.co.uk.

The application process is very simple. Once we recieve your application form we will send you an invitiation to a group zoom temprament assessment (these are held on the first Sunday of each month at 9.45am) and a virtual individual interview. Once these two things have been completed you will be offered a place on the therapy dog program if we have space and feel you and your dog are suitabel.  There is no cost in applying to join the Pawsitive Squad therapy dog program but the actual training and assessments do come at a cost which differs depending on whether you're coming from a not for profit or a profit making organisation.