Your dog can join the Pawsitive Squad CIC assistance dog program if:

  • They are fully vaccinated (we do not accept homeopathic equivalent) before training around other dogs or people.

  • They are flea treated and wormed using a product and at a schedule recommended by their veterinarian

  • They are not training or working under any other organisation & agree not to do so within 6 months if they choose to leave Pawsitive Squad

  • They are not fed raw meat or unpasteurised milk products

  • The owner commits to 6 monthly vet checks

  • The owner commits to doing weekly head to toe health checks on their dogs

  • The owner commits to obtaining assistance dog insurance covering veterinary fees and public liability insurance for their dog.

  • The owner and any other handlers agree to only use positive techniques and methods with their dog and does not use any aversive training equipment.

  • Their dog has never injured or shown aggression another person or dog

  • Their dog cannot be overly anxious

  • Their dog cannot be over 6 years old at point of application.

  • Their dog must be groomed on a regular basis including teeth brushing

  •  The dog must never be 'tethered' to the child.

  • The dog must be fit and healthy, if their breed has a siginificant risk of certain conditions/deformaties then additional veterinary examinations & tests are required prior to acceptance on the program.  

  •  The owner must commit to fully supervise the dog with their child if under 12 whenever the dog and child are together. 


Child/ young person eligibility

  • The young person must be under 25 years old at joining (if you join at 24 we will support you through your dogs working life).

  • The child/ young person cannot pose a welfare risk to their dog.

  • The child/ young person must have never deliberately harmed or injured any animal. 

  • The child/ young person must have mental capacity to know how to appropriately behave around the dog (e.g. not to pinch, crab, catch) the dog OR the responsible owner MUST have systems in place to ensure the young person is never in a position to behave inappopriately towards the dog. 

  • The child/young person needs to have a 'prescribed disability' of any kind which has a significant impact in some area of their life which can be mitigated through asssistance dog TASK training (it is not enough for your child to simply feel calmer because your dog is there, specific tasks must be trained - if you're unsure if any tasks/what tasks could support your child please ask). 

  • The young person must require their dog to perform 3 tasks outside of the home EXCEPT if they require medical alert. 

  • The young person must want their dog trained as an assistance dog and be willing to engage in training. 



  • If you fail to declare a potential conflict of interest or declare a potential conflict of interest which we feel make you/your dog unsuitable for our program.
  • If your dog has been placed with you by a dog selection organisation or recieved any boarding training with another trainer or organisation. 
  • If you have trained with more than one other assistance dog organisation or have been training with another assistance dog organisation for over 1 year.



To apply please click here.