Emily and Fox

After a difficult birth, and being born with a low heart rate and irregular heart beat Emily was suspected of having Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. This was confirmed at 4 months old when she started having focal seizures and she was then diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex with epilepsy. As part of her TSC she has some sensory issues (over sensitive to noise/smells), an overactive imagination and anxiety. Emily is also currently under assessment for autism spectrum disorder.

Before Fox, Emily’s seizures were difficult as she panicked, which made her more likely to have even more seizures. She also struggled with social situations, anything new, dealing with emotions, making friends.

Since getting fox Emily has had some bad seizures, but so much easier to deal with as Fox lays with her and keeps her calm. At Pawsitive Squad we learnt how to encourage Fox to alert to seizures. After only 2 weeks of classes Fox alerted to 6 seizures. Now, he tells us just before she is about to have one. Fox also helps to keep Emily calm when she's upset/overwhelmed and stressed by providing deep pressure therapy and lots of cuddles.  He has given her increased confidence as he acts as a safety net in social situations, and gives her something to talk about. She has also made friends in her Pawsitive training classes. At Emily’s first class another child came up, introduced herself to Emily then took Emily’s hand and lead her to join in with the games. From that moment Emily’s confidence has grown at Pawsitive Squad classes and it’s been great for her to interact with other children with epilepsy and autism.

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