Exhibitors Information

Firstly, Thank you for considering holding a stall or activity at our Fair & Fun Dog Show on the 9th of June. It's set to be a great event with some really great traders already signed up and we hope you will be joining us to help make the event even bigger and better!

Information for the day

1. Entry is avalible from 8.30am. If you wish to bring a car on site this needs to be via the site gate by the main entrance. As we are using a public park and the driving route on site crosses over the childrens play area we are restricting vehicle movement to between 8.30am and 10.00am for set up. While driving on site you must have your hazard lights on and stick to the 5m/h limit. 

2. By your arrival the 2 dog showing rings should be set up. Please errect your stand on the position indicated in the plan (which will be published by the 15th of May).

3. If you will need any help putting up your stand please let us know in advanced and we will try to arrange volunteer support for you. 

4. All stand shells (ie your gazebo and table - you can still be adding products to your table at this point) must be set up by 10.30am for a risk assessment check. Gazebo's must be appropriately secured to the ground. Please also have a copy of your public liability insurance avalible for inspection at this point.

5. At 11am the fair & dog show officially opens to the public. During opening hours which is between 11am and 4.30pm stands are not allowed to be dismantled for the health and safety of our visitors except in an ememrgency situation. Likewise no vehicle movement is allowed on site during this time. 

6. We are running the dog show across both rings and there will also be demonstrations and have a go activities running in the rings to ensure their is activity close to all stands. Breaks have also been introduced to the dog show schedule to allow everyone a good opportunity to come and look at your stalls. 

7. Break down in between 4.30pm and 7pm. Vehicle movement is allowed on site between 5pm and 7pm but must be kept to a minimum and again within the speed limit with hazard lights on.