G's Story

G is a wonderful 5 year old who joined Pawsitive Squad a few months ago as a peer mentor. G doesn’t have a diagnosed disability but has been struggling with low self-confidence so became a peer mentor to try and build her confidence. G is naturally very talented with children and dogs so has been a great addition to our peer mentor team. We now have 3 peer mentors.

G helps out at our events and Pups and Tots classes. At the last pups and tots she buddied up with Izzy who is 2 years old and is a wheelchair user who struggles to sit and is non-verbal. G followed instruction on how to communicate with Izzy and treated her brilliantly. G sat behind Izzy for some exercises to help her sit up and taught her how to roll a ball to the dog. She did this initially by demonstrating and then held the ball with Izzy to allow Izzy to roll the ball. She then repeated the exercise but encouraging Izzy to hold the toy for the dog instead (above image). G also taught Izzy how to give treats to the dog by holding Izzy’s hand flat and gently placing the treat in Izzy’s hand. Izzy is very close fisted but G was patient and calm when encouraging her to hold her hand flat and allow the dog to take the treat. G also supports the sessions by demonstrating how to teach the dogs to sit, lie down and recall. G also helped out at our summer fair. She helped to entertain some of the little children at the event and also assisted with judging.