New dog selection package

 Our new dog selection package is for families with children or for young people under 25 with additional needs. For this package you will be asked to complete a very detailed survey outlining everything we need to know which plays a role what dog would be most suitable - this is not only suitable breeds/cross breeds but also the sort of temprament of dog to look for specifically for your family. 


How does it work?

Step 1:  Complete the interest form below. 

Step 2: We will contact you to either confirm we can offer this service to you at this time with an invoice attached or a decline letter. 

Step 3: Once we've recieved payment you will recieve an account link for the Pawsitive Squad moodle 

Step 4: log in with the details provided and go into the new dog selection package program

Step 5: complete the survey as honestly and in as much detail as possible.

Step 6: within 3 weeks you will recieve a report giving you a selection of breeds/ cross breeds we would deem suitable for you/your family, a check list of things to go through to ensure you select a suitable breeder and a temprament test for you to complete when visiting puppies with the desirable outcomes you need to look for in each exercise to ensure your puppy is right for you. 

Step 7: you use this information to help you find a desirable puppy/rescue - we can assist in looking but our support at this stage is limited.

Step 8: Purchase/ reserve your pup/ rescue dog

Step 8: Contact us the week before your dog is due home for any preperation advice you need and we will also provide hints and tips for settling your new dog in which will be found in the moodle.


*The availibility of this program is limited and only avalible when we have spare time in our company schedule. therefore it is vital you complete the interest form below and wait for confirmation that we have space & time to provide this service to you before paying. 

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