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Child Centred Canine Assisted Activities

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Organisation Based Therapy Dogs

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Family Focused Canine Assisted Activities 

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We offer three type of regular classes in nottingham:

  • Child centred canine assisted activity classes are for non dog owning young people and/or young people whose primary aim of wanting to access Pawsitive Squad services is to work on personal skills and development. These classes are with therapy dogs. You can not bring your own dog to these sessions. 
  • Family focused canine assisted activity classes are for dog owning young people who want to improve their handling skills, personal skills and improve the dogs socialisation and obedience and the dog and young persons skills as a team. Family focused canine assistance classes are sometimes used as the stepping stone to assistance and supportive classes when the dog or child aren't yet ready to join that class. 
  • Assistance and supportive dog training classes teach the young person how to train their dog to perform tasks which will help their dog mitigate the impact of their disability/additional need on their life. The young people take the primary training role but are supported by their parents/carers as required. 

Classes cost £32.50 per month and are held in Southwell, Dunkirk and Lenton and Old Basford. For more information on classes please click the relevant link below.

On top of our regular classes we also support organisation based therapy dogs in schools and organisations which support young people with additional needs, young people in the LGBTQ+ community and young people recovering from trauma.