Organisation Based Therapy Dogs

Jake's Story

Our organisation based therapy dogs are pet dogs that are owned by an employee or volunteer within an organisation that supports young people including young people with disabilities or those recovering from trauma. The dogs are assessed and trained by Pawsitive Squad to work with their owner (and often a couple of other volunteers/employees) within the organisation. We currently have two organisation based therapy dogs: Jake the disability direct nottingham therapy dog and Buddy who works in a mainstream primary school. If you have a dog you believe would be a suitable organisation based therapy dog and work in an organisation your dog could benefit please do get in touch and we will arrange and assessment.

We have been doing work alongside Disability Direct Nottingham since shortly after launching Pawsitive Squad. In December the CEO approached us and asked if her dog, Jake could be assessed as a therapy dog to help support their customers. She explained that some clients find it difficult to access their services due to anxiety and we both felt that Jake could help relieve this. So in January we assessed Jake to be our first organisation based dog.

For Jake's assessment we tested his reactions around wheelchairs, adults, children, babies and a host of random stimuli. Jake was completely calm with every situation we put him in. He happily let a 3 year old lead him round the room and was able to do all the necessary behaviours on command and so he passed his assessment  with flying colours.

Jake has been working at Disability Direct Nottingham for several weeks and has been thriving. He has been joining in with coffee mornings, the community quilt project and has been around the office to support clients using drop in services.