Paws in Tents 2020

Paws in Tents is a 3 night camping holiday from the 2nd till the 5th of August 2020 at Park Farm Camping                   for young people  with additional needs, their dogs and their families ran by Pawsitive Squad CIC. 

Camp provides a variety of fun and education experiences including:

  • Obedience dog training workshop.

  • Assistance/ supportive Dog training workshops in which we teach you to train your dog a variety of                           tasks to help mitigate the impact of your childs additional needs.

  • Sensory bus

  • Arts and crafts stations

  • Wood whittling skills workshop including tool safety and making magic wands (8+)

  • Magic show with Cazzi Magic

  • Camp cafe with board games, cup stacking, calming colouring activities as well as shop & cafe 

  • Yoga Workshop with 123 Yoga Tree

  • Outdoor activities

  •  Team games 

  •  Artificial camp fire

  •  Treasure hunt

  •  Water games (weather permitting!)

  • Communal meal (dinner of campfire cooked pizza and chocolate stuffed banana. Everyone makes their own (adults manage the actual fire. We have strict protocol in place to ensure everyones safety. 

For 18-25 year olds this year we are allowing payments to be split up into 1/4's (ie you can pay for your ticket over 4 seperate payments). We have a seperate Young person camping area in one corner of the field with their own 'campfire circle' for social time in the evenings. young people have a later 'camp quiet time'. 


Early Bird Ticket Price (till 4th May):

*if you are worried about paying for the tickets all at once please purchase 1 adult ticket to reserve your camping space. you can then purchase additional adult and child tickets at a later date spread over several payments (for example for a family of 3 you could purchase 1 adult to reserve your camping space on the 1st feb, 1 child the 1st of March and 1 child the 1st of April). This way you can guarentee we will still have space for you and spread the cost*


£65 per adult

£50 per child

£50 per 16-25 year old (not for parents below 25 but for 18-25 year olds attending to train their dog to support them only)

So what are you waiting for! Spaces are limited so click here to book to avoid disapointment.