Paws on Tour

Paws on tour is, as the name suggests, our touring program. We are holding our first tour stop on the 6th of October 2019 in Eastleigh, Hampshire - this is our introduction to autism and emotional support dog training. For more information on this please click here. 

In 2020 we will be touring four workshops to Eastleigh, Maidstone, Cheltenham, Cambridge, Birmingham, Leicester, Machester, Wrexham, York, Norwich and Edinburgh. The workshops are:

An introduction to autism and emotional assistance training

This workshop is for the parents & carers of young people with autism or other additional social, emotional, sensory and/or behavioural needs and their family dog. The workshop contains a mixture of presentations, practical demonstrations and practice with your own dog. We will introduce parents/carers to teaching your dog to give deep pressure therapy, interupt destructive behaviour, find the young person if they bolt/wander and dual handling. We also introduce you to games which aim to support sensory exploration and build the bond between the dog and child.

Canine support for neurodevelopmental disabilities

This workshop is for parents & carers and proffessionals working with young people with neurodevelopmental disabilities/delay or profound learning and multiple learning difficulties. In this workshop we will teach parents/carers ways to enable your dog to interact with the child in a positive way. This includes teaching you how to train dogs to respond to PECS and makaton, recall to touch buttons, support floor sitting. We also explore different ways to encourage gentle hands from your child when touching your dog and problem solve solutions around difficulties individual families are having. We will also teach you a range of games which can be played in standing frames, walkers and supportive seating which benefit both the dog and child. 

An introduction to medical alert and response

This workshop is for parents & carers of young people with medical conditions which cause medical events such as hypoglycaemia, seizures, drop attacks, anaphylaxis and/or addisons crisis. This workshop isnt suitable for non epileptic seizures. In this workshop we will introduce you to training your dog to alert to behavioural cues to a medical event and medical alert based on scent**. We will also cover medical response training such as fetching equipment such as BM monitor, lying next to the young person, gently nudging or licking the young person as they come out out event or finding the parent/guardian. 

Canine support for vulnerable children

This workshop is for foster and adoptive parents (those awaiting fostering or adoption are still welcome to attend), school safeguarding officers, LA childrens services employees and other proffessionals who work with looked after children or children who are on a child protection plan or PLO. In this workshop we explore ways that dogs can open doors to communication. We will introduce participants to canine assisted activities which can be used at home and in services to promote empathy and proprioception, managing emotions and building trust. Finally, we will discuss ways keeping dogs safe around children with behavioural difficulties in a positive manner and the signs to look out for that the dog is becoming distressed by the child. 


The dates and locations for our 2020 tour will be announced shortly.