Please stop asking if i have a proper job

written by Heather Pyne, 29th April 2019

I am essentially self employed as the director of Pawsitive Squad CIC. Over the past year a large proportion of my friends, customers and volunteers have asked if i also have a proper job.

Now, i always just smile and yes that nope, all i do is run Pawsitive Squad. I try to hard the hurt that question has brought.

I understand where it comes from. My customers only see me for one hour a week. They only see the few hours of public facing work a do a week and so its easy to assume that is all there is to it. But this couldn't be further from the truth. 

A lot goes into managing an organisation like pawsitive squad: liasing with families and other organisations, answering emails, managing our social media, updating the website, applying for funding, updating the moutain of policies and other documents we require and filing accounts. Then there is  the class planning. Working out exactly what exercises we should do at each class this week, considering the desired areas of development for all the dogs and children using the service. Then sourcing the equipment with our faily non existant budget, which means i have to be creative and make lots of class equipment. I also need to fit in all the planning for one off events such as the dog show, paws in tents camps, fundraisers, tots and pups and all the less frequent services we offer that still require a mountain of paperwork and hours of planning. Finally, I spend a lot of time managing volunteers, providing training, chasing up DBS's and paperwork, managing visits and checking up on the welfare of every dog and volunteer. 

Lets also not forget on top of this i am a mother to two toddlers with additional needs and i'm finishing my degree at the OU.

Being the director of Pawsitive Squad takes around 5 hours a day 7 days a week so 35 hours a week ie full time employment.

So while i do not have a 9 - 5 job and i do not have an office job this is definately a proper job!



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