We know that finding products, services and organisations to suit the specific needs of individuals with additional needs can be really challenging. That is why we are compiling this recommendations list. We are not paid by any organisation to list them or their products/services here. All recommendations are based on the personal experience of Pawsitive Squad staff, volunteers or customers. This list is currently under development and will be published at the start of June.

Recommended organisations, products & services

Recommended breeders & rescue centres


We are regularly asked for advice on where to get a dog for people wanting to purchase a puppy or dog to train as their assistance dog. The early life of puppies in their first home has a massive impact on the dog's development. We also want to ensure that our customers are never supporting puppy farms or similar non welfare centred breeders. To become a recommended breeder, breeder must meet a list of specific criteria. We are also looking for rescue centres who may have dogs which are appropriate to match to train as an assistance dog for customers (children over 12 and their families). For more information click here!

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