Southwark Primary School

Pepsi, a Pawsitive Squad therapy dog has been working at Southview primary school since Easter, providing the flourish and educate program to small groups of students. The children have been having a wonderful time with Pepsi teaching her lots of fun tasks including pushing buttons and taking a blanket off their laps.

As part of our FLOURISH program we have been doing a variety of exercises using Pepsi which have focusing on proprioception (perception of movement and special orientation) and interoception (feelings from body functioning e.g. breath regulation) and developing empathy.

As part of our EDUCATE program we have focused on developing writing skills, exploring fruit and vegetables, learning lots of adjectives and learning how to body responds to exercise and anxiety.

One of the groups of children showed off what they had learnt with Pepsi in assembly a few weeks ago where they enjoyed showing Pepsi doing tricks and jumping over their arms.

"As a teacher involved in the sessions it has been lovely to see the children so calm during the sessions. The varied activities have kept the children focussed and the empathy the children have shown at times has been remarkable. To develop the programme further we are really looking forward to working with more children across the school."

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