Therapy Visits to Organisations that support young people

Pawsitive Squad Signature CAA Programs 

Canine assisted activities sessions offer a huge variety of activities and games with dogs with a theraputic purpose.

Our canine assisted activities visits are avalible to any organisation that supports young people with disabilities or who are recovering from trauma this includes, but isn't limited too:

  • Schools & Nurseries (both mainstreem and Special needs)

  • Youth groups

  • Hospitals

  • Hospices

  • Libraries

  • Support groups


  • Rehabiliation centres

All qualified therapy dog handlers have a standard DBS check and have gone through our set training program. Each therapy dog partnership are supervised for atleast their first three canine assisted therapy sessions. All therapy dogs are flea and worm treated, fully vaccinated and not fed raw meat or unpasturised milk.

We offer 5 signature canine assisted activity/therapy programs which are each designed to meet a specific customer need. Each program is 6 weeks long with a 7th introductory session the first time that group of children work with us. The total cost of the therapy program is £15 per program (which works out as only £2.50 per session. We will work with up to 3 groups per program for this price ie 3 groups for the price of 1!). The introductory session is the same across all programs and is about teaching the children how to safely interact with the dog and the 'rules' of our sessions. If the same group of children participate in multiple programs they only need to complete the introductory session once. 


Our programs are:

  • UNITE - which focuses on promoting team work.
  • FLOURISH - focuses on promoting empathy, trust and emotional regulation.
  • PROGRESS - for this program we work with health proffessionals to create a tailored activities plan to promote individual  childrens development.
  • EDUCATE - focuses on building literacy and numeracy skills.
  • JOY - is a program focused on having fun and building confidence.

If you would like to book any of our therapy programs please contact us using the form here.