Therapy Dog Training

Once your dog has been accepted onto our therapy dog in training program thats where the fun begins!

All therapy dog owners must complete three mandatory training programs as well as atleast one therapy program course prior to assessment as a Pawsitive Squad therapy dog (ie no longer in training). Please note the prices are split depending on whether the organisation you'll be based in is a not for profit or a for profit organsaiton. Training is cheaper for not for profit organsations. 

Therapy dog handling skills - In this 2 hour manditory virtual training course we teach you the fundimentals of handling a dog for theraputic work. This includes handling your dog around mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walkers etc) and in busy working environments. In this course we also talk you through a socialisation program to enable your dog to develop confidence in their working environment. This training costs £7.50/ £20

Care and Emotion Training - In this 2 hour mandatory virtual training course we teach you all about caring for your dog as a therapy dog as well as how to read and respond to your dogs emotions, especially within their working environment. This training session costs £7.50/ £20

Conducting a canine therapy session - This 1 hour mandatory virtual training course teaching you exactly how to go about a canine session including preperation, delivery & maintaining records. This session costs £5/ £15.

Therapy program courses -  We run a 6 hour course for each of our therapy programs: UNITE, FLOURISH, PROGRESS, SENSORY, EDUCATE and JOY. Which courses you choose to undertake will depend on the type of organisation you wish to work within and the target recipients needs & abilities. At the end of each program course you'll also be provided with a revision guide. You will be assessed at running 1 of these programs before you are able to pass your therapy dog final assessment. Each therapy program 6 hour course costs £15 / £50 

For upcoming course dates & to book onto a course please complete the booking form by clicking here. 


For a flowchart of the therapy dog training and assessment process, please click here.