Services for young people with any disability or who are recovering from trauma

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Canine Assisted Activities Sessions

Our canine assisted activities are suitable for everyone who likes dogs. You don't need to own a dog or have any experience handling dogs to join these sessions. During sessions are volunteers and therapy dogs partner up with the young people for a variety of fun and effective exercises. The sessions are tailored to the needs of the group and every exercise is focused on a skill (social skills, balance and coordination, communication etc). Sessions are fairly structured. At the start of class the exercises are either found hidden around the room or are picked out of a sensory tub (containing a different item each week such as waterbeads, goo bleck), this is followed by a warm up, 4-6 exercises, cool down and goodbyes.


Canine assisted activities classes run on Thursdays at Beeston Rylands Community Centre and Saturdays at 11.30am at Southwell Scout Hut. Booking is essential. Sessions cost £7.50 each and must be paid monthly (by the 1st of the month). Customers wishing to pay termly will recieve one free session per term. To join our canine assisted activities classes please complete the application form here. 

Our assistance and support dog classes are for dog owners only. These classes contain a mixture of:

> Training tasks which will help mitigate the impact of the young person's disability. These will focus on tasks to reduce emotional distress such as deep pressure therapy, tasks to provide physical assistance such as picking up dropped items and taking off clothes and tasks to help promote global development (such as tug games, bracing across a young persons legs to keep their legs and hips down to assist with sitting). 

> Canine assisted activities to help the child and their dog bond, improve the young persons handling skills and dogs socialisation.


Assistance and support dog classes are held at Southwell Scout Hut every Saturday at 10.30am. We have a hoist and changing mats at these classes if the young person requires. Booking is essential. Sessions cost £7 each and must be paid monthly (by the 1st of the month). Customers wishing to pay termly will recieve one free session per term. 

To book to join our assistance and support dog classes or for more information please complete the application form here.

Assistance and  Support Dog Classes
Public Access Sessions

Our public access sessions are held on the first Sunday of each month. Each session will be held in a different place in order to expose your dog to a variety of new scenarios with the support of a trainer. During these sessions you will be advised on appropriate handling and expectations you need to aspire too in order to recieve your gold award and become an assistance dog partnership with Pawsitive Squad. Each session costs £5 per dog. Please notify us by email/facebook if you wish to join these sessions. 

Our first session is on the 6th of January at 11pm at Victoria Retail Park. We will meet outside B&Q then following a warm up practicing heelwork outside the shops we will go into Pets at Home to practice shop behaviours followed by a drink (non alcoholic obviously) where we will work on teaching settle and behaviour around food and drink. This session will last between 1hr 30mins and 2 hours.

Our second session is on the 3rd of February at 1pm at Ikea in Giltbrook. At this session we will be working on behaviour around distractions and heel work. Midway through the session we will have a drinks break in the cafe to practice settling and relax.

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1-2-1 sessions

We offer 1-2-1 assistance dog training sessions and canine assisted activities sessions. These sessions are tailored to the need of the young person. If the young person owns a dog we can help train your dog to support you during these sessions and work on any behavioural issues or public access work necessary. If you do not own a dog 1-2-1 canine assisted therapy sessions can be arranged using one of our therapy dogs. Sessions cost £25 per hour which is reduced to £20 per hour if you use another Pawsitive Squad service. To apply for 1-21 sessions please complete the application form here. 


1-2-1 sessions are avalible in Nottingham city centre, Sneinton, St Annes, Carlton, Netherfield, Lady Bay, Arnold, Sherwood and surrounding areas.