Services avalible during corona virus outbreak

I know this corona virus rocked the lives of everyone so before i share what we are offering i would like to take this time to reassure every customer, every follower that we are still here for you. I know that right now your children might be feeling extra vulnerable and isolated. I'm breaking my usual rule of no social media contacts with customers and created a seperate account which children (with parents supervision) and their parents can 'friend' to keep connected on. It's not my specific account, it's called 'Pawsitive Sqd'. Not only do i have access to this account but so do a couple of customers who don't have their own personal facebook to ensure no one gets left out. We will carefully monitor this account, it just gives a central slightly more private space to keep in touch with customers. 


This is unprecidented but luckily we have a very strong contingency plan. We will not let this virus sink Pawsitive Squad. Now, more than ever we need to stand together as a strong community. Take what steps we can to keep ourselves and each other safe and keep calm.

So, we are offering a few virtual services to allow you to continue to engage with Pawsitive Squad from the comfort of your own home.

  • We are offering 1-2-1 virtual skype or whatsapp video dog training sessions at £10 for a 30minutes of training (greeting and closing time is not included in this you get 30 full minutes of actual training advice). This can be related to puppy training, behaviour modification, assistance dog training or anything else dog training related. You can book these sessions through our facebook page If you don't have facebook please email us and we will book a session in. Payment must be made by bank transfer 12 hours before the session. 


  •  We are offering our 14 day puppy power facebook based course for £10 starting on the 1st of April. In this course each day we set a socialisation challenge AND a training activity to help boost your puppies training while you're at home! To book onto this course please click here. 


  • We are offering our 30 day neurodiverse dog owners course for £30 starting on the 10th of April. This is based in a private facebook group with 1 activity a day and focuses on sensory exploration, emotional regulation and exploration, vestibular sense, interoception and proprioception using your dog to facilitate this. Click here to book into this course. 


  •  We are offering a 3 week physical assistance task program starting on the 10th of April for £30. For this program we will teach you how to train your dog to: help remove clothing, empty the washing machine, pass up dropped items and fetch named items through a day by day activity program based in a private facebook group. Click here to book onto this virtual course.


  • 5 day safer dogs, safer kids program for £1. per family. from the 25th of March till the 30th of March. In this course we teach your children all about how they should interact with dogs, their own dogs and other peoples dogs. Especially with children suddenly being home a lot longer and the stress this will put on the dogs its vital for their safety that all children know how to behave with their dog. Click here to book onto this virtual course.


  •  Conference classes for our saturday students. For our current customers we are offering a virtual call in class on saturdays at 11am. This is to create some continuity for our young people struggling with the collapse of routine at the moment. This will start on the 28th of April and is £5 per class (which will be billed in arrears via invoice BUT if you're not getting paid during this time please tell me and we can postpone the payment until you're back at normal work.) This service is invite only. 


On top of these services we have also created a facebook group called: "Dog owners community, surviving COVID-19 social distancing/ isolation" which is a free group, open to everyone to help everyone stay connected with lots of participation activities, photo posts, challenges etc etc.