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Therapy Dog Teams

Our therapy dog teams are wonderful volunteer dog owners with very special pups.Therapy dog teams play 2 vital roles at Pawsitive Squad. Some therapy dog teams attend our weekly canine assisted activities classes in which young people with disabilities play games and exercises with the volunteer and their dog under the instruction and supervision of the trainer. We will take on 'in training' therapy dogs from 15 weeks old in these classes. The other role therapy dogs have at Pawsitive Squad is conducting visits to organisations that support young people with disabilities such as schools, hospitals and youth groups. Dogs must be over 9 months for this role and be fully vaccinated, flea and wormed, not raw fed and insured. For therapy dog visits the handlers are trained to run basic canine assisted activities sessions within organisations themselves. We have two recruitment sections a year - between January and April and August till October. 


Therapy Dog supervisors are volunteers who help oversee the therapy dog teams and their roles. This is a great role for anyone wanting to gain supervisor/management experience and spend time with dogs. The therapy dog supervisors are trained to support new therapy dog teams and supervise them on visits while the therapy dog teams are in training. Therapy dog supervisors need to be able to travel to accompany visits local to them (this can be via public transport if necessary). Therapy dog supervisors can also be qualified therapy dog teams with Pawsitive Squad. Therapy dog supervisors are all subject to a standard DBS check. To apply to become a therapy dog supervisor please click here. 

Therapy Dog Supervisors
Research Students and Work Experience

Here at Pawsitive Squad we want to contribute to research in medical, health, education and social care as well as in animal science. Each academic year we aim to take on three higher or further education students to support our research or to contuct their own research within our organisation. We also will consider all work experience applications from young people in year 11, 12 or 13, futher education college or in higher education if appropriate and in line with the law. We consider all applications on an indidivual basis. To apply to either join our research team or apply for work experience please email us at enquiries@pawsitivesquad.co.uk