Why i wrote 'Pepper's last days

By Heather Pyne


Every dog owner dreads the day their dog dies.


For children and people with learning disabilities or neurodiverse individuals can be an especially distressing time because not only are they scared of loosing their 4 legged friend but their is often confusion about the whole process.


After all, the way most people talk about pet death involves lots of metaphors which can be incredibly confusing. For example, saying to a young child their pet has ‘gone over the rainbow bridge’ the child is likely to wonder where this rainbow bridge is and why they can’t just walk over it and get their dog back... they walk over bridges all the time after all. Equally a neurodiverse person who doesn’t understand metaphors can be crippled with fear about going to sleep after their pets been ‘put to sleep’, if that’s what happens when we sleep then they’ll do anything they can to stay awake. This extra confusion can be incredibly distressing.


For children and some individuals with additional needs, knowing what happens is very comforting and enables them to help prepare which is why we have written this book as an honest, detailed yet sensitive story about pet death, euthenasia and how to cope afterwards. The simple language and social story style tone makes the story easy to read, follow and understand and reflective questions on the final page provide the opportunity to check understanding and open discussion about their own pets.


For our first printing of Peppers Last Days we have only printed 50 copies which are for sale at a special discounted price of £5 per book!

You can purchase your copy now at: https://www.pawsitivesquad.co.uk/Books-resources/

*we are a non profit organisation, all profits from sales go towards funding services enabling dogs to support disabled children & young adults *