Dog Treat Making Virtual Workshops

Our dog treats making workshops offer a unique baking experience to children & young people, with the support & supervision of their parents/ carers. We guide the young people through a sensory experience - exploring all the different textures and smells, to make delicious treats for their pups.


In these virtual workshops, we are all baking at the same time in our own homes but sharing the experience through the screens. Each workshop we work through a different recipe, which always contains at least 2 components (eg a biscuit and icing). You receive an ingredients list via email after booking. 


Upcoming Dates: 

30th January at 1pm

2nd May at 1pm

10th August at 2pm

20th August at 2pm


Our treat making workshops cost £4 per family. We are donating the ticket price (£4 per customer) from all treat making workshops in 2021 to Helen & Douglas House Children's Hospice (charity no:1085951). An amazing service which support's one of our assistance dog partnerships, Sienna & Sunny. To find out more about Sienna and Sunny's journey together, click here. 


To book to join any of our treat making workshops, or other public events, please click here or go to