Pre-application Program

To be eligible to apply to join our assistance dog program or therapy dog program, you must first complete the 8-week application course. This course contains:

  • 6, 45-minute group live zoom classes
  • 6 exercises to complete and record in public spaces
  • Virtual learning zone (moodle) module and assessment


All of the above need to be completed within 8 weeks of the first zoom session to complete the course.

The pre-application course teaches you the fundamental skills required for dog training. Also, it allows us to assess you and your dog's suitability for the assistance dog program over multiple sessions instead of having a formal selection assessment. The course costs £90. 


The pre-application course covers:

  • Socialisation skills - the right way to introduce your dog to new settings, objects, people & animals.
  • Building the dogs confidence around items they are fearful of.
  • Basic obedience skills - to sit, lie down, wait for food, wait in place, leave things they are never allowed, recall around minimal distractions, target, walk on a loose lead, watch handler.
  • Training techniques - targetting, shaping, prompt and fade, chaining, capturing and connection.
  • Welfare 


The pre-application course comes with access to:

  • A live weekly Q&A session where you can ask general dog training advice or find out more about the assistance and therapy dog programs.
  • Our weekly parents & professionals social group - meet other people who are registered on our programs, share any worries or wins and enjoy a fun (and often slightly silly!) activity such as virtual scavenger hunt, quizzes etc. 


Once you have completed the pre-application course you will be eligible to apply to join the assistance dog program or therapy dog program. We will then use the information on your application form as well as the results from the VLE assessment and review of your participation and observations made of your dogs' behaviour and personality throughout this course to decide whether we are able to offer you a place on our program. We always ensure we have sufficient space for all pre-application course participants. Even if you are not offered a place, this course gives you a great foundation for your dog's training. 


Upcoming pre-application course start dates:

  • 4th February 2021
  • 6th May 2021
  • 16th September 2021






To book onto the pre-application course please click here. Spaces are limited. If you cannot open the link, the website to book onto the course is: