Research and Projects

Photovoice project on the barriers and inequality young disabled people face

Young disabled people often face barriers and inequality which can result in isolation and suffering. For this project, we have provided a selection of disabled assistance dog partnerships with a camera to capture barriers and inequality relating to being disabled young people over a 12 week period. 


To give the young people maximum freedom in how they share their experiences they have very limited restrictions on what they are permitted to photograph. Their brief is: 


'To photograph anything which is a barrier to you participating in society as others would. This includes physical and non-physical barriers AND to photograph anything which makes you feel like you are not accepted as a disabled person.'


The restrictions are:

• No photos where an individual (including yourself) is the main subject of the picture – groups of people is acceptable if no faces are shown.

• No nudity and no faces shown.

• No confidential information or readable paperwork to be included (this is just for your privacy)

• Your safety is the top priority – do not go to take photographs in places where you are in danger.

• Parents or carers are not to advise, guide, direct, or prohibit what is photographed or where EXCEPT where this is necessary for the young person’s safety and wellbeing. We are not looking for parent/carer’s opinions but the world from the young person’s view. If such situations arise where a parent/carer has prohibited something, or a safety/ wellbeing issue has arisen, please inform us so we can explore by alternative means what the young person was trying to capture.


With the images collect we will be creating a visual display as well as a written report. Once we have gathered the data from all project participants,  we will work with the young participants to determine how we can best share our project. 


We aim to complete this project in August 2021.