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ASDAN lifeskills challenges with Pawsitive Squad

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Please make sure you put your email address in order! These are a great booster for anyone wanting some additional recognised learning hours. Challenges will all be dog related and range from level WTE 1 (for young people with severe or profound & multiple learning difficulties or age under 5 years old) up to level 3 which is A level difficulty. Can be extended to over 2 years but ASDAN charge extra for that (I think it’s about £15 extra off the top of my head) you get a certificate at the end. Essentially, how it works is, once you apply I’d set a ‘challenge’ at the right level for the young person to complete. I’m able to design the challenges myself now I’ve done the training so can incorporate other interests with dogs (like design your dog as a Pokémon), complete the challenge, submit evidence and then I’ll set the next challenge, you can complete as many or as few challenges as you wish. Then at the end of the year you get a certificate to celebrate completion which lists the challenges completed. This is open to absolutely all young people on the program and maybe helpful to: - encourage increased independence with dog care - develop key skills for adult life - build confidence - support home education or EOTAS learning - give some structure to holidays - offer some continued learning between educational settings, once left school etc, Upon receipt of your purchase we will send you an information form to help ensure we create appropriate challenges for your child. We are NOT offering this as tutors, the young person and their parents/carers are responsible for completing the challenges and submitting evidence for each. We will set the challenges, tailored to the young persons needs, abilities and goals, moderate and obtain their ASDAN certificate at the end of their 12 month Lifeskills challenge.

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