This year we are offering three webinars which will run throughout the year. 

To book onto any of our webinars, please go to https://bookwhen.com/pawsitivesquadpreapply 


Managing unwanted behaviour in your dog

This webinar focuses on how to manage and prevent common undesirable behaviours in your dog, including:

  • toileting inside
  • chewing and stealing
  • jumping up at people and furniture 
  • separation induced behaviours

We cover specific exercises to decrease each unwanted behaviour as well as explore the potential causes of these behaviours and how to manage the underlying reasons behind many undesirable behaviours. 


Dates for 2021:

  • 28th of February at 10 am
  • 17th of April at 1 pm
  • 24th of July at 2.30 pm
  • 28th of November at 1 pm



Motivating your dog Webinar

Does your dog sometimes ignore you when you ask them to do something? OR do you often need to show them a food treat or toy or they refuse to behave? OR when you ask your dog to do a behaviour in public they act like they don't understand even though they reliably do the behaviour at home? If the answer to any of these questions is YES! then this is the webinar for you. In this webinar, we teach you a variety of games and exercises to help motivate your dog to listen to you consistently as well as addressing potential underlying causes for not listening or responding as expected. 


Dates for 2021: 

  • 14th of February at 10am 
  • 23rd of May at 6pm
  • 17th of October at 6pm


We have decided this year that all profits from the 3 motivating your dog webinars will go towards the 'Children's Big Appeal with Nottingham Hospitals charity (charity number: 9978675).



Loose lead Webinar

The loose lead walking webinar focuses on teaching positive techniques to manage undesirable behaviours which are common in dogs when on lead. This includes:

  • Stopping your dog from pulling on the lead
  • Stopping your dog chewing the lead
  • Encouraging your dog to walk (preventing planting where your dog refuses to move)
  • Managing lead over-excitement 


Dates for 2021: 

20th of March at 7.30pm

22nd of August at 4pm

12th of December at 4pm