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Who can access our bespoke support packages

As a small, non-profit organisation we are only able to offer a small quantity of bespoke support packages per academic year. 

Our resource is designed for children & young people:

  • who are at risk of disengaging from mainstream education and would benefit from from an adapted timetable with canine supported provision to enable young person to stay in school. 
  • that require additional support to engage with/ re-engage with education.
  • who are unable to engage with school based education on a long term basis.
  • that require an alternative provision to support transfer between educational settings.
  • who are excluded from school on a fixed term basis.
  • who are unable to attend school regularly due to medical needs (such as treatment, seizures, severe fatigue etc).
  • who have school phobia or school based trauma. 
  • who's needs cannot be met by schools within the area.
  • who home educated due to additional needs or disabilities.

What needs can we support? 

Any single or combination of the following:

  • social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Moderate to profound and multiple learning difficulties (MLD, SLD & PMLD)
  • Autism (with or without learning difficulties)
  • Physical disabilities
  • School phobia/ school based trauma

Equipment requirements:

The young person must have or be able to borrow for the duration of their package:

  • A computer or laptop or high-spec tablet with a screen size over 10 inches.
  • Access to a reliable internet connection in the main learning setting (usually the learner’s home)
  • Webcam & microphone (built in is fine)
  • A printer & printing paper (occasionally - access via school or library is acceptable).
  • Stationary (if applicable for ability & need)

Exclusion criteria:

Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications where:

  • The young person owns a dog which is working/ training under another organisation in any therapeutic or assistive capacity.
  • The young person or their parent/carer has ever deliberately injured an animal.

Assistance dog training:

If you would like to train your dog to be an assistance dog with us as part of the EOTAS package, then the young person must still meet the criteria for the assistance dog program as well as the bespoke educational packages criteria.

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