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Who can access our bespoke support packages

As a small, non profit organisation we are only able to offer up to 6 bespoke support packages per academic year. 

To be eligible for a bespoke support package, the child or young person:

  • Must be aged 5 to 16 years old
  • Must either have an EOTAS (educated other than at school) or bespoke package outlined within their EHCP OR be educated at school part time (long term) OR completely out of school due to their health or additional needs.
  • The young persons local authority or school must be willing to fund the bespoke support package (we currently can't accept private, independent or charity funded applicants)
  • Must own a pet dog & have a good bond with their dog
  • Must have, or be willing to purchase or be able to borrow for the duration of their support package:

>  A computer, laptop or tablet with a screen size over 10 inches.

> Access to a reliable internet connection

> Webcam & microphone (built in is fine)

> A printer & printing paper (occasionally - access via school or library is acceptable).

> Stationary (if applicable for ability & need)

> Dog toys - balls, rope toy, soft toy

> Dog training clicker 

> Target stick

> Dog brush 

Currently we are focusing on supporting young people with autism and/or depression and/or anxiety as their primary needs through bespoke packages while we grow our program. 

Exclusion criteria

  • If the dog is working/ training under another organisation in any therapeutic or assistive capacity. 
  • If the young person has ever deliberately harmed an animal (historic unintentional minor injury in meltdown or extreme distress doesn't count as deliberate). 

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