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Commitment Required

Training your dog to be an assistance dog is not a challenge which should be undertaken lightly. It's takes a lot of time and effort and full commitment because essentially you are providing the training to your dog to become a full time professional carer... and you wouldn't allow an under qualified and poorly trained human carer to support you/your child, would you?

Training an assistance dog isn't just slapping a jacket on, having them with a disabled person and taking them anywhere you please, it's far more complex than that. The dog needs to be impeccably trained - be able to maintain focus on their handler even when there's food on the floor, other dogs in the environment and people trying to distract them and they need to be able to reliably perform the tasks which decrease the impact of the persons disability in all environments, of course the dogs are dogs, living beings capable of making mistakes but their socialisation, training and the handlers education and handling skills should ensure mistakes are rare and the dogs maintain a high quality, reliable level of skills & obedience. Unfortunately, not all dogs are cut out to be assistance dogs, some are unsuitable due to breed suitability for the tasks required, personality, anxiety and desire to work. 

As an assistance dog program clients with pawsitive squad, we have strict expectations of our clients which are laid out in the signed customer agreements, regrettably, if clients fail to meet and maintain the agreement requirements this would result in removal from the program except in exceptional circumstances. These requirements include:

  • Commitment to being open and honest about your disabilities and needs including providing evidence.
  • commitment to keep written training records and uploading these to your electronic files 3 monthly
  • commitment to keep written record of all health, care and welfare records including weekly head to toe examinations, flea, worm and tick treatments, vaccines, acute illness etc. 
  • commitment to regularly attend classes, at least virtually once a month while assistance dog is in training.

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