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Dog Eligibility Criteria

Your dog must NOT:

  • bark at other dogs or people when on lead
  • still be having toiletting accidents within the home (unless joining under 4 months old)
  • show any aggression
  • have any severe anxiety/fear issues 
  • display 'repetitive stereotypic behaviours such as spinning, compulsive licking etc. 
  • be raw fed
  • be a bradychephalic breed (have a very short nose which could impact on dogs breathing & increase risk of heart conditions - this includes pedigree pugs, french bulldogs, shar pei, shih tzu's etc) We do allow crossbreeds where a longer nosed breed has been bred with the bradychephalic dog to increase nose length. 
  • be used in association with any other organisation or role (eg cannot also be a therapy dog except when it's a therapy dog working under pawsitive squad).

Your dog must:

  • be fully vaccinated (except kennel cough if wanting to train for scent based tasks)
  • be flea & wormed with a product recommended by your vet. 
  • Once your dog is accepted on the program you must also obtain your own insurance including public liability which covers your dog for assistance dog training and work (please note this excludes most pet dog insurance policies).

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