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Pawsitive Squad Pets Course & Award

  • 6 Jan 2022
  • 27 Jan 2022
  • 4 sessions
  • 6 Jan 2022, 7:30 PM 8:15 PM (GST)
  • 13 Jan 2022, 7:30 PM 8:15 PM (GST)
  • 20 Jan 2022, 7:30 PM 8:15 PM (GST)
  • 27 Jan 2022, 7:30 PM 8:15 PM (GST)
  • zoom
  • 10


  • You do NOT need tickets per person, places are based on quantity of dogs not people accessing the course.


The pawsitive squad pets course & award are open to all dogs owners, everywhere! That's because this awesome course is accessed virtually! There are loads of benefits to introducing your dog to basic training in the comfort of your own home including:

  • Teaching your dog in a non distraction environment, so they're able to focus and learn the expectation before you start adding in distractions. 
  • Being able to train dogs who have anxiety or reactivity issues which can make training in group face to face classes difficult.
  • Most dog training courses (except the really high quality ones like dog trust provide) you're in a big room with lots of other dogs which can result in young dogs either developing anxiety around other dogs OR result in struggling with over excitement around other dogs when they grow up. Group class environments can also be hard to really focus and learn in with all the noisy puppies, people talking etc. That's not a problem in our virtual classes.
  • No travel! 
  • No need for childcare, the whole family are welcome to get involved. 
  • Highly inclusive - we deliberately run our sessions in a way which makes them highly accessible to individuals with additional needs, this includes keeping class sound low to prevent sensory overwhelm, power point instructions & verbal instructions with PECS hand outs also available and exercises adapted for mobility needs. 
  • Cheaper! Without us having the hall hire & running costs we are able to keep classes affordable AND any profits we do make from this course goes directly into our programs for disabled children & young people. 

The course costs £40, this includes the 4 zoom sessions, hand outs, self guided virtual learning module and e-certificate of attendance.

If you wish to do the award assessment this costs a further £8 which includes the cost of the practical assessment, self guided project, e-certificate & rosette posted upon passing. Included in the award assessment cost is the opportunity to retake the assessment twice if unsuccessful on the first attempt. 

 Our Pawsitive Squad Pets Award is open to all dog owners, anywhere and everywhere as this is a solely virtual month long virtual program. The program includes 4 virtual zoom sessions, each session which runs at 7.30pm - 8.15pm every Thursday. 

Week 1: Socialisation webinar (watch, make notes, hand out of activities to practice outside of the session).

Week 2: Sit down, targeting and recall practical class 

Week 3: Loose lead walking Webinar (watch, make notes, hand out of activities to practice outside of the session). 

Week 4: impulse control, wait & leave practical class 

Alongside the 4 session the self guided module covers vital theory for dog owners including welfare, training techniques and more. This takes between 45 to 90 minutes to complete on average. 

Once you've attended the 4 sessions and read the virtual learning resources you can receive a 'pawsitive squad pets course attendance certificate' to demonstrate you attended the course. If you've got the attendance certificate you're then able to apply to join the therapeutic pets program if you wish.

 Any dog owner who wishes to have some evidence of the level your dog is at, as well as your canine knowledge, can undertake the Pawsitive Pets Award. If you wish to join the Pawsitive Squad assistance dog or therapy dog program you must first gain the Pawsitive Squad Pets Award. The assessment consists of a self guided project, assessing your understanding of the contents of the basic canine education program. You have 3 choices of project to complete - a written assessment, design a poster or a video project. There is also short practical virtual group assessment on the last Sunday of each month at 5.30pm in which we assess that, using welfare friendly techniques your dog will reliably:

  • sit
  • lie down
  • recall at home around minor distractions
  • wait for their food
  • wait in place 
  • target

and that the handler can demonstrate socialisation techniques around a novel stimuli. 

Once you've completed the two parts of the assessment you'll receive an e-certificate and rosette demonstrating you've passed the Pawsitive Squad Pet Award.


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