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How does training work?

Whether you access the program through the full membership or task based membership, you will choose classes on a monthly basis, depending on what you need to work on and what classes fit in with your schedule. 

Full membership assistance dog members are able to access to 4 working skill (in red on the visual timetable) or task based (in blue below) or any combination of the two OR the 3 hour working skills workshop (on the timetable below this is on the 17th) per month. Alongside classes, full members also have access to ALL activities in green on top of their 4 classes AND all assessments. 

For task based members, the clients have access to 2 of the task based classes (in blue on the visual time table below) and all assessments. 

The exact contents of each class rotates in a 4 monthly rolling timetable. 

Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes each last 45 minutes and are in groups of up to 8 clients per session. We start each session with a quick introduction, then mute all participants to prevent background noise from being disruptive or distressing for other class participants. All clients are able to ask questions through class either via 'waving' then unmuting and verbally asking, through the chat box (in which messages can either be visible to the group or just to the trainer) or through signing. 

To begin each class we do the same 1 minute warm up every session, this helps to prepare both the dog and young people for training. 

After the warm up we have 5 to 8 exercises which are both verbally and visually explained to the clients and then the clients have a go. Clients are welcome to either complete the exercise on screen and receive live feedback in response to the exercise the trainer is seeing, or are welcome to turn off the webcam and practice in private. Clients who are unable to demonstrate the exercises on screen, they are able to send us videos of the exercise and receive feedback privately, We do this to make the sessions as accessible as possible. 

At the end of each class, we thank our dogs for their hard work and have an opportunity to ask questions. 

Face to face workshops

Our 3 house face to face workshops run monthly in Nottingham or Derby. Each workshop focuses on a specific area of development such as focusing on the handler, tasks in public spaces, confidence building etc. Workshops offer intensive training, with hands on training & support in real world working environments. The maximum quantity of clients depends on the environment we are training in but is usually 5 dogs if training includes visiting shops & public businesses. 

Once per term social training days

Our social training days aim to provide young people and their dogs an opportunity to train in & experience environments which usually might be more difficult to access or which young people & their families may be particularly anxious about training in. This includes the cinema where we private hire a screen for clients only which means we have the film volume lower and house lights up, as well as fewer people present, aquariums, farms & pleasure/theme parks. These sometimes do incur a small additional cost, when the cost of activity is substantially over the cost of classes. For social training days, feedback and training support is provided as required. Social training days are open to all qualified partnerships and full membership assistance dogs in training only. 

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