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Therapeutic Pets Program Eligibility 16 +

16 to 25 year old's are eligible for our therapeutic pets program with the support of facilitator (parent, guardian or carer) if they meet any 3 of the below criteria
  • Be unable to go shopping & attend vital medical appointments without support from a carer (including parent carer), this can be due to physical and psychological (e.g., anxiety) reasons
  • Be unable to dress and undress themselves 
  • Be unable to cross a road WITHOUT reliably stopping at the curb, looking both ways and deciding when it is and is not safe to cross. 
  • Be nonverbal or have less than 20 words.
  • Use AAC as their primary form of communication or have no clear method of communication.
  • At least fortnightly display behaviour which poses a risk to the health and safety of the young person (e.g., self-harm, running away and not returning within 1 hour).
  • Be unable to access education without 1-2-1 support for at least 10 hours per week (including support required during break & lunchtimes) if in full-time education in a mainstream setting.
  • Attend a specialist provision for education.
  • Require 1-2-1 support in 6th form school, college, or university.
  • Be part of an ‘access to work’ or ‘access to education' program.
  • Be unable to travel outside of the house without either two carers to the young person OR without using a wheelchair or specialist pram.
  • Have a diagnosis of moderate, severe, or profound learning disabilities.
  • Have received hospital inpatient care for mental health difficulties within the last 5 years.
  • Have a medical condition that causes medical events which risk your safety (eg fainting) on at least a weekly basis.
  • Have a medical condition that causes medical events which are potentially life-threatening (e.g., hypo, anaphylaxis, generalised seizure) on average at least once every 6 weeks.
  • Have a diagnosis of epilepsy that has not been controlled with at least 3 medication trials.
  • Be a full-time wheelchair user when outside of the home.
  • Require a hoist (or carrying) to transfer between a chair, bed and floor.
  • Have limited mobility at least one upper limb.
  • Be unable to pick up items off the floor without assistance or additional equipment.
  • Be unable to sit independently
  • Be unable to stand independently
  • Be unable to walk more than 20metres without physical assistance and/or rest
  • Have a diagnosis of a degenerative condition.
  • Have a personal emergency care and resuscitation plan.
  • Require regular complex medical care provided by a specially trained adult or registered nurse (includes – providing oxygen at varying rates (excluding set rate given at night-time and set rate during the day), dialysis (home or hospital-based), parenteral or enteral nutrition or stoma care).
  • Have a diagnosis of stage 3 or stage 4 cancer.

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