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Pilot disabled parents

We are excited to be offering up to 6 spaces to disabled parents of any age with at least one child aged 5 or under for a 3 month pilot, including this client group into our eligibility. 

The aim of piloting this is to see if including disabled parents in our program will help to improve family life and make practical parenting easier. 

For the 3 month pilot, you will have access to all the services you would if the program continues, including all classes & workshops. You will not however be able to sit the bronze exam or hire any assistance dog gear until we have decided if the program is viable, which will be by the 1st of May.

Cost: the cost of the pilot is ¬£40 per month (usual program price is ¬£45 per month). 



To be eligible for our pilot parent program you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a full time wheelchair user outside the home.
  • Be in receipt of enhanced rate PIP mobility due to physical health needs.
  • Have a condition which causes sudden, acute medical events such as epilepsy, hard to control diabetes, POTS, non ingestion severe allergic reactions/anaphylaxis. 
  • Have a physical health problem which severely impacts on energy levels and daily living tasks. 

We require evidence from all applicants of all disabilities/ health conditions they've been diagnosed with - this can be in the form of clinic letter, GP summery or similar document. 
We also require a copy of any care plans or similar documents for any condition which causes acute medical events (e.g hypo's, anaphylaxis, seizures, fainting etc.). 

Exclusion criteria:

Unfortunately we cannot accept you onto our program if ANY of the following apply:

  • Any member of the household have ever caused deliberate harm to an animal.
  • Your child doesn't have the cognitive ability and impulse control to treat their dog appropriately at all times including during emotional distress OR aren't supervised together at all times by an adult who will ensure the dog is treated appropriately at all times, including physically removing the dog from the situation temporarily if their is any risk the young person may cause fear or harm to the dog.
  • Be unwilling or unable to travel to Nottingham for 3 assessments during training, then annual re-assessments.
  • You currently have an assistance dog from/ trained with another organisation that you wish to continue working alongside training the dog you wish to train with Pawsitive Squad CIC.
  • You work for, or have worked for within the last 3 years an assistance dog or dog training organisation or were self employed as a dog trainer. 
  • If the family are unwilling to be open and honest about all diagnosis & needs everyone in the household have.

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Apply now:

To apply, please download the form here, complete it and email back to us an an attachment (we recommend you password protect it) to enquiries@pawsitivesquad.co.uk


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