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Practical components of bespoke support packages

For young people who own a dog (as long as the dog is not aggressive or excessively anxious), we aim for 40% - 50% of their package to be practical components. For young people who do not own a dog, their bespoke support package only 0% - 10% of their package will contain practical components. 

While each bespoke support package is unique and tailored to the young person, broadly speaking, the practical components we off can be split into four categories:

  • ASDAN Lifeskills Challenge activities - These are practical challenges, from WTE1 to level 3, which recognise and celebrate small steps of achievement. Challenges vary hugely depending on level and young persons need but could include challenges such as visiting a rescue centre and learn how it operates, designing and making a dog enrichment toy or learn how to and demonstrate feeding the dog and cleaning and refilling their water bowl.
  • ASDAN short course challenges - several challenges within the short courses, especially the living independantly & animal care courses have significant practical elements such practical cookery and practical animal care activities. 
  • Assistive tasks training - These are behaviours which the young person teaches to dog to do which help to mitigate the impact their additional needs or disabilities have on their daily living. This can include tasks to reduce the impact of sensory and emotional difficulties such as deep pressure therapy or alerting to distress behaviours and/or these can focus on supporting physical or mobility difficulties such as teaching the young person to train their dog to pick up dropped items, fetch named items and even empty the washing machine!
  • Canine assisted activities - This includes practical activities, each of which has a specific educational or therapeutic aim for the young person. Included in our canine assisted activities are activities such as grooming and canine massage skills, strength and agility training, scent training and much more. The exact canine assisted activities, vary depending on young persons needs and aims. For young people  

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