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Pawsitive Squad CIC

Paws of Hope, Paws of Love, 

Paws of Life

Our aims, vision and values

Below is a more detailed explanation of what is included in your ¬£45 per month membership for assistance dogs in training. Once a partnership qualifies their membership fee reduces to ¬£12.50 per month and what's included in your membership changes to the change in assistance dog support needs. This includes, reducing to 45 minutes of practical training per month. 

Our Aims

1) To empower and promote inclusion and skills development of young people with disabilities and those who are recovering from trauma through canine assisted interventions,

2) To promote independence of young people with disabilities through specialist support dog training.

3) To include the wider community in our company through volunteer therapy dog teams and other volunteering roles.

4) To promote employability of customers and volunteers.

5) To encourage, support and engage in fundraising for the furtherance of the above aims.

Activities & Benefit

  • The community that will benefit from our CIC are people living in the East Midlands & individual disabled young people & families across England and Wales.
  • Young people with disabilities who have experienced trauma or who have any type of disability will benefit from the provision of canine assisted intervention through canine assisted therapy classes which will benefit them by promoting child development and social skills. We will also offer classes and private sessions which teach the young persons dog to help mitigate the impact of their disability.
  • Members of the wider community will benefit from joining our volunteer programs which include therapy dog teams where members of the community take their dogs into organisations that support young people in order to run canine assisted activity sessions. These volunteering roles support employability and help reduce isolation of volunteers. Volunteer roles are targeted towards (but no exclusively towards) dog owners from the community who are isolated or live with disabilities.
  • Therapy dog visits to organisations within the east midlands that support young people with disabilities/recovering from trauma (including but not limited to schools, youth groups, nurseries, hospitals and hospices) this service aims to improve organisation attendance and engagement (especially in schools), promote positive mental health and and wellbeing and improve inclusion and social skills.
  • Pawsitive Squad CIC will also be offering general obedience dog training to the local community which will help promote responsible dog ownership and accessibility to dog training for individuals with disabilities. Any surplus from this service to help fund our services for young people with disabilities., 

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