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What can we teach the dog to do?

All of our task training is provided through group classes & self guided learning from instructions (for tasks such as learned disobedience which can only be taught outside or live face to face workshops in Nottingham. Everything taught in the live workshops is available for training in another virtual format as well. If you require a task not listed, please approach us before application and we can advise whether this is something we can add in.

Physical assistance tasks

  • Pick up dropped items
  • Take rubbish to bin
  • Turn on & off lights
  • Find and fetch named items (eg key)
  • Pull emergency chord
  • Press life & entrance access buttons
  • Fetch items off shelf/ out of cupboards
  • Open doors, cupboards, curtains etc
  • Take item from you to another person
  • Fetch phone when it rings
  • Assist with dressing and undressing
  • Load & unload washing machine
We DO NOT train any bracing or mobility tasks due to our welfare standards

Social, Sensory, Emotional & Mental Health Tasks

  • Deep & light pressure
  • Alert to emergency sounds eg fire alarms
  • Fetch support items eg bottles, ear defenders
  • Cover - stand behind to create space around handler
  • Head rest
  • Lead to exit on fire alarm
  • Wake handler in morning
  • Alert to early signs of anxiety/ distress/ sensory overload
  • Dual handle
  • Find lost or hiding young person
  • Interrupt dissociative episode/ self harm / destructive behaviour
  • Tactile stimulation
  • Find parent/carer
  • Learned disobedience
  • Find exit

Medical Alert & response & hearing tasks

  • Alert to upcoming medical events such as seizures, hypo, fainting etc
  • Lie beside person when they've fallen, fainted, are unconscious, having a seizure etc.
  • Provide tactile stimulation during/after medical event to promote recovery
  • Pull emergency cord
  • Fetch drink/ glucose/ rescue meds etc
  • Fetch carer during medical event
  • Fetch and give health care plan to carer/ emergency services
  • Pull pillow under head
  • Alert to vital sounds for safety such as fire alarm, car alarm
  • Notify handler of person calling their name 
  • Notify handler of any other general life specific sounds like microwave ping, baby crying etc.

We do not teach dogs to lie under head or support handler back to stand for welfare reasons.

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