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Assistance Dog Program

Our Pawsitive Squad assistance dog program is one of the most comprehensive programs currently available in the UK. We specialise in supporting young people aged 2 to 26 years old at the point of application and their parents/ carers in training their dog to become a fully trained assistance dog, trained to meet the young persons exact needs.

Before applying for the assistance dog program, all applicants must have first completed their pawsitive pets award which includes attending:

  • 2 webinars
  • 2 virtual workshops
  • self guided short theory course
  • written project & group zoom assessment

For more information on the pawsitive pets award please click here. 

Our eligibility criteria is all based on care, support and health needs rather than diagnosis, meaning that we are able to support a diverse range of clients with a variety of conditions including physical, psychiatric, developmental and learning disabilities, neurodiverse (eg ASD, ADHD) young people and young people with conditions which cause life threatening medical events. If a young person has an undiagnosed condition which is recognised as a disability by their doctor then they're eligible for training through our program if they meet the general eligibility criteria.

Assistance dog program contents

Apply now

To apply to join either assistance dog memberships please complete the below application form and email it to apply@pawsitivesquad.co.uk . PLEASE encrypt your document and send the password in a separate message. If we provisionally accept your application (subject to evidence) we will then create your private & secure teams area to send us the evidence. 

If you are applying for the full membership program, if we feel you meet our eligibility, we will give you a code to book into the next pre-application course. If you're applying under the tasked based membership we will send you a rejection or acceptance letter within 5 working days.



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