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Example bespoke package client profile

As each package is completely tailored to the aims & needs of each young person, it's impossible to outline how the package would look for each young person. To give some insight into how a package is designed below is an example of 1 term of bespoke package provision:

Alice is an animal loving, 15 year old autistic young person with selective mutism and profound anxiety which means she is unable to leave the house and she struggle with any demands which results in avoidance. Alice also has some learning difficulties. She has a 2 year old springer spaniel called Pal. 

Long term, Alice would like to move into a supported living flat with her dog and be able to look after her dog independantly & be able to go out to do her shopping & meet up with other people outside of her home. 

This is a fantastic aim which we have broken down into smaller, attainable short term goals, all of which move Alice closer to achieving her long term goal. 

Short term goal 1: Take Pal out for a walk to the end of her street with another person.

For this to be achievable, in term 1 we are going to:

  • Work on awareness & understanding of emotions including anxiety triggers, zones of regulation & flight, fight, freeze, fawn responses, keeping Pal the main focus to prevent triggering discomfort and avoidance. (emotional regulation, self awareness) 
  • Teach Alice to train  Pal to provide deep pressure therapy to help with emotional regulation (problem solving, emotional regulation, communication
  • Explore why this walk is important for Alice and Pal (healthy living & canine welfare) 
  • Teach Alice to train Pal to alert to Alice's early anxiety signs so that, when Alice's anxiety is increasing, she can implement coping strategies (such as the deep pressure, 5-4-3-2-1 grounding etc) to help prevent anxiety reaching unmanageable levels (emotional regulation, problem solving, self awareness, communication)
  • Make some high value dog treats to reward Pal on the walk (cooking skills - dicing, kneading, boiling, baking - vital for independence)
  • Support Alice to create her own resources to prompt practical steps needed to go out & then practice getting ready to go out without actually going out (practical life skills, emotional regulation)

Once the above have been completed, we will see if Alice feels able to attempt the walk. If she doesn't, we would work out what barriers remain in place and how we can remove those barriers to enable Alice to achieve this goal. 

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